Half-Way to Home

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We drove 650 miles yesterday and then crashed in our hotel! I know that I swore we weren’t doing this again, and I was determined to fly. The ticket prices were just out of our reach. Hubby was awake, but not alert. I’m praying that he’ll turn around so that he can keep driving.

BEING 76 and having cancer may be making this change. We’ve had some very intense conversations. We weren’t fighting, but the topics brought out the passion in our voices. I didn’t feel too bad during the drive yesterday and I got to sleep by midnight.

Waking up at 4 AM wasn’t pleasant, especially since I was clawing at all my scalp. I had a headache from this and ended up taking Advil. Sleeping in a hotel is pretty difficult, with all the light coming in.

Today will be a shorter drive and a challenge to prevent bad ankle and foot swelling. The THINGS we do in order to see our children/grandchildren! This mom misses her oldest son, his wife, and their cute little tot.

Here’s hoping that you will have a weekend that brings you plenty of relaxation. I bet you need it as much as I do. God bless!

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