How Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Affects Me

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As I think back to the injury that led to my broken talus, I think about my first thoughts when it occurred. The first thing I always think is that the injury was probably caused by EDS. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is the genetic condition I have that causes many pains and injuries.

I have EDS hypermobility type, which is the most common type of a rare condition. This under-diagnosed condition means that the connective tissue is faulty. It causes so many problems, including Scoliosis. Because of this, my joints are susceptible to subluxations and dislocations.

The only true dislocations for me have been in my fingers. I have had to manually push my joints back in place a few times. Some people with this disorder have frequent dislocations. The ankle and foot are at high risk for instability and falls. I have more and more issues with falls.

When I turned my ankle, it felt like when it had happened before. Usually it won’t hurt for more than 24 hours, but this one was different. For that reason, the first x-ray was taken. It didn’t show anything wrong, so I hoped that it was just a sprain that needed more time to heal.

Well, I was obviously wrong about the pain. I’m now just waiting until the doctor is ready to take action. I don’t mind waiting five more weeks. If it could prevent me from having to go through the pain of a surgery, then I’m happy to wait.

This is just one of the ways that Ehlers Danlos has affected my life. Other serious events can be read about HERE. I have written numerous posts about dealing with Ehlers Danlos, as well as posts written about May being Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month.

If you want to know more about Ehlers Danlos, there are numerous places on the internet to get all types of information.

Ehlers Danlos Society

Ehlers Danlos Society Research Foundation

Chronic Pain Partners


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  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Appreciate the chance to learn about it. Health is wealth. Take care!

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