How Long Should I Try?

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I’m sure now that the NAD didn’t help me. There has been no increase in energy or any other good thing that could benefit me. I so want to be able to function better in my body, but my body is not responding.

As I’ve done before, there has to be a line that I don’t need to cross. If I spend all of my time stressing out by the hunt for the unknown cure, my life will just be filled with negativity. After a while of one of these mental slumps, I think about reality.


That’s when I can stop and tell myself to calm down and look at my life realistically. Some of the things I tell myself are:

  • I’m never going to have the energy I did when I was in good health.
  • I’m never going to live on a farm and have miniature goats. lol
  • I’m never going to be able to work out and get in good shape.
  • Many body parts are never going to heal – eyes, fatigue, back pain, arthritis, etc.
  • Doctor’s aren’t going to miraculously offer me a medicine that has no side effects.

I know that I could be healed with God’s touch, but I am probably right where I need to be. A call to suffering makes me remember that I must continue working to be content with the life that I have. I can’t live anyone else’s life….only mine. And, that’s okay.

If you’ve followed by blog for very long, you’ll remember that I wrote posts like this in the past. As I come to new medical problems, I have to go through the stages of grief. I always hope to get to the acceptance stage before I have another medical problem appear.


My GP has been trying so hard to help me feel better, but nothing has worked substantially. He gets all intense about some new treatment, thinking that he’s found an answer for me. Nothing has worked, and I’m accepting that. Since I’m just human, I usually have to learn my lesson over and over.

Life is good, even though it’s not good all the time. There is always something to be thankful for. I can’t leave the house and just spend the afternoon window shopping, but I can gaze out the window and dwell on the beauty I see. I may not be able to bake and cook all day, but I have a hubby and son that always compliment any meal they get.

When my brain isn’t too foggy I am able to be thankful and content. Taking it all one day at a time, it works so much better if I spend time each day planning ways to be content.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please contact your personal physician.

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