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How To Sleep Better

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Living with severe Sleep Apnea has been challenging. I had this condition for years before I knew that I had it. When I was finally diagnosed, I immediately began treatment with CPAP. Although I didn’t feel better from the treatment, I knew that other things were to blame.

Sleep is a tricky issue when you have complex medical conditions. I have numerous health disorders and chronic diseases. Trying to treat them all is not easy, but I know that having good sleep helps everything.

Insomnia is a huge concern for those of us with chronic illness. Many times the medications that we take can cause trouble with sleeping. But, more often, I believe we suffer from Painsomnia. This made-up word describes the pain that keeps us awake. Who could possibly sleep (or sleep well) when they have untreated or under-treated pain.

All of these sleep problems have caused me to stop breathing 100 times in each hour that I sleep! I didn’t believe it either, but the sleep test made it obvious to the doctor. No wonder that I suffered from awful fatigue and weight gain.

In response to all of these sleep problems, many of us look for natural ways to help us get more and better sleep. Taking more drugs just doesn’t seem like something that I need in my life.

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I hope you’ll consider joining me as I watch and learn. Many experts will be joining the host, Misty Williams. She had trouble sleeping and was snoring. Misty had Epstein Barr and was gaining weight. She’ll share how she turned it around.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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    1. It’s good that you live in a state that allows this treatment. I can only order CBD oil. Anxiety attacks are the worst! I’m glad that it helps.

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