January Thoughts On Letting Go Of Stressors

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I’m glad to join the January Journal Prompts from A Chronic Voice. Here’s my thoughts on “What to Let Go Of” in 2024″.

I’ve been contemplating what things I want to let go of in 2024. It’s great to start this in January, because I am really determined to make some changes. Being too busy with too many deadlines has become a real cause of stress. Blogging for too many sites was fun at first, but with my health worsening, I can’t keep up anymore.

With tremors and myoclonus jerks my body has been taking more energy than I have. Mentally, my body is not keeping up. I can’t remember names, words, and concepts. Conversing has become noticeably strained. I pause at the beginning of my comment and at least once, during the comment. It’s embarrassing because my issues are being talked about after anyone has a conversation with me a few times.

I believe that friends and relatives are wondering if I have Dementia. I may have it, but haven’t been diagnosed. I complete blog assignments so much more slowly. I’m distractable, and that was never been that way. The days of multi-tasking are over. I am not even able to work on a task and complete it quickly. Everything is extremely slow.

In order to make changes this year I will have to sacrifice my work on a few blogs (not this one). This will free my mind from being overwhelmed and provide time to write at ChronicallyContent.com. I will once again be able to think about something else during the day.

The other thing that I want to get rid of this year is going to be difficult. Spending all day looking at my computer and phone has not been mentally healthy for me. There needs to be time for contemplation, prayer, Scripture reading, book reading, being creative, and cooking/baking. There are many other things that I have done and enjoyed in the past, and I want to add them back into my life.

Blogging is a wonderful part of my day and reading your comments makes every day better. Only blogging with one site vs four should bring back my joy in writing and meeting you! It also opens up my ability to think better and become more creative.

Everyday I use my phone for social media: Youtube, Instagram, FB, X, and more. With these accounts it’s too easy to get distracted. Before I know it, I’m on some site or video that is totally a waste of time. Social media should be used for a specific topic and then turned off.

I also have my computer open close to 20 hours every 24 hour period. I want to stop that immediately! Using a journal, notebook, and other paper items is going to take the place of computer and cellphone for a good bit of the day. Phones and computers take up too much of my life. With all of my chronic illnesses, there are times that I may want to browse the internet.

Taking a paper book with me by keeping one in the car and having a paper planner that can be taken everywhere is what I need because I need to break this habit. This is going to be a fun and the results will be even better.

What are you willing to let go of this year? Do you think your choice is something that could be a permanent change or just a temporary trial. A trial period is best if you’re not sure about your decision. I think we all want to get rid of something. I wish you all the success in your ideas for January 2024.

@2024, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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