Last Chance Treatment

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My second half-dose of NAD was administered yesterday. I was in the clinic from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM and came out exhausted. The reason it took so long was to lower the side effects. When the IV was more open (faster drip) my chest would really feel pressure. When we slowed the drip, that side-effect disappeared.

Last Chance Treatment Worried Lady

The first half-dose didn’t show any immediate change until the 3rd week. I definitely had more energy and was getting things done around the house. I usually crash after a day with a few house chores. But, now I’m not crashing. I don’t know for sure if this is because the NAD is working or not.

I agreed to give it a go. My functional MD recommended it hesitantly. This will probably be my last try at alternative treatments. They’re so expensive and haven’t given me any lasting results. We’ll see if this treatment can be different. If we see good results, I will be able to take an oral version. I’m sure that will be easier and much less expensive.

Have you tried any alternative treatments? This one isn’t yet approved, but not banned. The desperation that led me to say yes to this infusion hit me before Christmas. Sometimes when the fatigue and pain get bad enough, I’ll get down and be more willing to try something new.

Are you getting adjusted to the new year? I know that every day is the same, but I do feel the mental change that occurs when the new year begins. I continue praying that 2024 will be peaceful and joyful. Although it would be awesome if my Parkinson’s test is negative, if it’s positive God will give me what I need.

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