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Disclosure: Affiliate link included. Attending these online seminars is completely Free. If you later want to buy recordings, I could earn a small fee from your purchase.

Diabetes Transformation Summit ad

The Diabetes Transformation Summit will help you implement everyday strategies for thriving with diabetes; embrace nutritional approaches that support healthy blood sugar levels; use assessment tools to help get your lifestyle dialed in; identify critical alerts & early warning signs; understand hormonal imbalance & the hidden risks of dementia, Alzheimer’s & other diseases; distinguish between glycemic overload, insulin dysregulation, insulin sensitivity & insulin resistance; correct sleep issues that affect blood sugar balance, metabolic flexibility & weight; and so much more! All reasons not to miss the Diabetes Transformation Summit, online and free from July 25-31, 2022! https://diabetestransformation.byhealthmeans.com/?idev_id=20135

Free Gift 1 – Unlock Dr. Beverly Yates’ eGuide, Continuous Glucose Monitors: Tips, Insights and FAQs, and discover the benefits of using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)!

Free Gift 2 -Unlock Dr. Beverly Yates’ eCookbook, Simple Tasty Recipes for Diabetes to Boost Energy and Fight Inflammation, and discover simple, delicious, blood sugar friendly recipes for a variety of meals!

Free Gift 3 – Unlock HealthMeans’ 25-page eBook, Type 2 Diabetes: Tips to Balance Blood Sugar Naturally, and learn how you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes!

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