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After staying up until 3:30 AM, I was surprised that I got through the day without being very sleepy. It was especially weird because I had been having allergic reactions all night and took a lot of Benadryl. It calmed the all-over itching a little, but I still had scratches all over where I had scratched during the night. I never seem to know why these things happen.

Feeling so awful in the morning, I had to cancel my 30-minute massage this morning. This really made me sad and frustrated, because my neck really needs the help. Thankfully, I have an appointment Thursday for Lidocaine injections. Many of them are in the trapezius muscles, which stay terribly tight.

I did make it to my Phototherapy appointment, where my time increased to an exciting 52 seconds. I really hate going there and getting in the booth with no clothes on. I just hope that it’s working. The thought of full-blown CTCL (cancer) is so scary.

I came home tired, but still able to function a little. My goal this week is to de-clutter our living room so that Christmas decorations can go up. I know it’s early, but I won’t be here much in December and I want to enjoy the cheerful lights. So many people are putting them up early. It seems like 2020 is rubbing off on 2021. And, maybe we’ll have a little snow.

Our family has too many illnesses. Hubby is still undergoing cancer treatments and one child is trying to decide whether or not to discontinue his Epilepsy medications. His new neurologist says he could get off of them (based on many years of no seizure activity and a clear EEG). I know that a clear EEG doesn’t mean that Epilepsy is gone.

Two neurologists over the years have told him to stop taking the medicine and one has said to keep taking it. The one who said to take it is the neurologist who saw him the longest time. I’m so torn, but would like him to continue taking it. But, an adult child has to make the decision with his doctor. It will be a worry for me, though.

My son-in-love has Type 1 diabetes and on World Diabetes Days he had a very severe insulin crisis. Thankfully his wife rescued him and he pulled through, but it was very scary. This young man is the healthiest person who works out religiously. To think how easy something terrible can happen is terrifying. It reminds me how much we need to pray for our family members every day.

Living with chronic illness is a day to day existence. No matter how you treat your body and take good care of it, it can fail you. Taking your medicines, exercising, and eating right don’t guarantee that you’ll be ok. A medical crisis can occur at any time. This is true for healthy people, but when you’re already weak from disease a medical crisis can be life-threatening.

Whether it’s me or another family member, when one of us is sick or in crisis, it’s overwhelming. We offer any help we can and pray diligently for safety and protection. Every day that God gives us on this earth is the best blessing.

@2021, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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