Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2021

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Did you know that Lung Cancer is the leading cancer killer in the US? Both men and women are affected with this terrible cancer. Anyone can get it. National Lung Cancer Awareness Month is this month and awareness is needed to promote early screening for lung cancer.

Most people surveyed don’t ask their doctor about screening for this disease. Most also don’t know that early screening is available. The American Lung Association is sharing many posts about lung cancer and advocating for better outcomes. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with information that can help you and others. Share posts that promote lung cancer advocacy.

If you can donate, this is a great time to help the American Lung Association continue educating and working to stop this horrible cancer. If you or someone you know has lung cancer, you can join a digital support group.

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Lung Force Instagram page will also provide followers with the latest patient and caregiver news. The Lung Cancer Awareness Month Coalition works to share awareness internationally. Lung Cancer is the leading cancer killer in the entire world. Their mission is bringing together a global coalition to transform lung cancer survival by amplifying the conversation and the importance of early detection, treatment, and research.

The Lung Cancer Foundation of America is another organization that works to promote awareness in November. They’ve helped raise over $8 million dollars to fund research. They help people to set up their own fundraisers on Facebook.

The LCFA has a page that allows you to change your profile pictures to help share awareness of lung cancer. The also provide Facebook covers, tweets, posts, and emails to share. You can find a lot of great graphics to post on your social media accounts.

I hope you’ll learn more about Lung Cancer and talk to your doctor about early screening. The main reason for awareness month is to get more people involved in early detection and have longer survival rates. With the ability for us all to share with our friends online, this is easier than ever.

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