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Mixed Results

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I got all the results. They don’t all make sense to me. Although the hormone test shows a Red Flag of too high on Testosterone, my doctor said that is good. My other hormones are in the low normal, and he said they were below the chart before, so they’e improving. Unfortunately I feel no improvement. As far as the Wellbutrin goes, he’s increasing my dose from a total of 300 mg a day to 400 mg a day.

I hope that this increase will help my overall mood and especially my energy levels. The main thing I wanted to ask him is this, If my energy levels are able to be increased? I’m taking so many drugs that have side effects of drowsiness, fatigue, and sleepiness. Then, if I take one or two drugs that are meant to increase mood or energy, can this combat the other side effects? Which is stronger, the side effect or the other side effect?

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Does this make sense? Is there an answer? Has this been studied? I’m so exhausted! All the time! I’m also so itchy. I wake up clawing my skin and bleeding. This has got to stop! My only solution is to drug myself with Benadryl. If only I could live on Prednisone. It works perfectly with no drowsiness.

I also have been dealing with another case of probable Bronchitis. I was tested twice for Covid and that wasn’t it. I have all the symptoms of Bronchitis and it is a disgusting and exhausting illness. Hubby has it and our other adult child has a mild case. I wish there was some medicine that could knock it out. It seems like 2022 has been the year I’ve been sick almost every day.

My Myoconus jerks have become much more frequent. They happen when I’m not thinking about them, and then all of a sudden, boom. Yesterday, besides the frequent and random jerking body partskk i’ll have these smooth up and down motions. The right arm went up to about 60 inches and then back down again. This felt very strange. I haven’t talked to the doctor yot. I guess I should keep track of all?

I hate being a patient, becuase I’m not .

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