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Some days living the chronic life can make you feel sorry for yourself. Yesterday was one of those Mondays when everything just goes wrong. As soon as I woke up I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything other than water. I had a fasting blood test to check my hormone levels. Whenever I have fasting blood tests, I get really sick. I guess it’s low blood sugar, because at home I normally eat immediately after waking.

So, I took the test and then ate quickly, but it was too late. I felt so nauseated, dizzy, and had blurry vision. I got home and took all my morning medications and extra Advil because my head was pounding. My symptoms didn’t get any better until about 5 PM.

I had blog problems that took hours to resolve. It was so frustrating! After a while, I just calmed down and felt better inside. But, then there were more frustrating things that happened. After all my long day of “Monday” happenings, the evening turned into something much better.

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But, there was more. My dad ended up back in the hospital to get more fluid removed from around his heart and lungs. He’s in the last stages of heart failure. I really need to go and stay with them, but I have so many appointments the next two weeks. They’ve been rescheduled over and over and I really need to be seen.

If I can, I’ll go down there in a couple of weeks. I may have to go sooner, so I’ll be taking it one day at a time. I’m not really much help, physically. But, I’m in a little bit better shape than my mom. Her dementia makes her afraid. My other siblings live locally, but don’t do much to help. Life isn’t easy for anyone, and I remind myself that I’ll do my best.

There’s so much that I want to enjoy. I want to enjoy my grandchildren, but may not be able to see them as soon as I had planned. Again, everything has to be taken one day at a time.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my opinions and experiences and is not mean to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

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