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Yesterday my father came home from the hospital. This was a relief, as I had spent seven days driving to and sitting in the hospital. It’s been an exhausting time for my body and my pain has grown.

As I struggle with back, knee, and sciatic pain, I’ve struggled with my medication. I’m not supposed to take ibuprofen, but the Tylenol just doesn’t help much. So, I’ve had to endure more pain and walked while trying not to audibly groan.

As I rest with heat on my back, I continue to pray that I can endure this difficult time. I hope to go home to my family this weekend, and I really miss them. It’s hard to leave a sick parent, but he does seem to be out of danger.

When you live a life of chronic pain, there are always choices to make. As I look for immediate relief of pain, there is also the future health of my kidneys to consider. Do I want to stop hurting today or do I want to try and prevent kidney failure.

It’s really not fair to be forced into making these types of decisions. There should be pain relief alternatives that are available to everyone who needs them. I wish that there were.

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