Nurture The Future with Calgee Vegan Omega 3

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There are very few product reviews at Chronically Content, but this one had such a wonderful set of benefits that I wanted to try it out. This supplement was supplied in order to review. I’m not being paid for this review.

Calgee is a sustainable vegan omega 3 with 450 mg DHA + EPA per serving. Sustainable means that the supplements don’t contribute to over-fishing. This protects marine ecosystems.

Algae oil comes from the algae grown in the USA. The tapioca soft-gels are also gluten free and carrageenan-free. They provide Omega 3 without hurting sensitive digestive systems, like mine. I love that there is no fishy after-taste and burps. That was always a reason that I didn’t take Omega 3, even though I needed it.

This product is third-party tested and certified vegan for those on vegan diets or any diet. I found out that even the packaging is recyclable (4) , plant-based…made from sugar cane. That is a new one to me.

Omega 3 is a supplement that supports our: heart, joints, immunity, brain, and eyes. Although I’m not making any medical claims, every doctor I’ve been to recommends Omega 3 for my overall health. Since I have problems with each of those it makes sense to take a dose every day.

I think my favorite thing about Calgee is that it’s made from algae and not fish. I love avoiding the awful smell and burping that I get from fish-Omega 3 products. To learn more about Calgee, please visit their website. You’ll be able to save 20% if you subscribe to a monthly supply and get free shipping. There is also a 30 day money back refund if you’re not satisfied (on your first order).

If you like it, let me know!

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