Ocean Laundry Detergent Sheets

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“About this item: YOUR SMART LAUNDRY COMPANION – this innovative liquid-less and powderless detergent sheet is made to eliminate odors, stains, and dirt. Our high efficiency laundry detergent sheet is ideal for daily laundry cleaning, adult or infant, nearly suitable for all types of clothes, and various materials including cotton, linens, blends, and durable synthetics. It’s also safe for whites and all colors, and you can use it in both hot and cold water. Safe to the planet.

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN, All NATURAL, NO HARM TO BODY- our formulas are made without harsh ingredients that cause skin irritation. More laundry detergent sheets are vegan-friendly and paraben-free and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. NO florescence, NO Phosphorus, NO Fragrance, Septic Safe and is HE compatible, making you get good habit of washing you clothes more frequently and love washing your clothing and keeping fit!

EASY TO USE, EASY TO STORE&CARRY FOR TRAVEL- 1 sheet for 1 or 2 loads with precut and pre-measured Simply add 1 sheet into the washer and you’re done. Works well in all washing machines. Our package is so lightweight that great to take along when you travel. No more laundry bottles and Jugs! because of tiny slim, light and compacted, easy to carry, easy to go for travel.

REDUCE SPACE&TIME&BUDGET BY HIGHLY CONCENTRATION FORMULA FREE OF 95% WATER – ZERO Waste Lightweight, NO Mess, NO Goop, those big plastic jugs are bulky! You can fit 6 packs of MORE in the same space as 1 plastic jug. Helps to reduce transportation fuel consumption.

ECOLOGY, ZERO WASTE& ECO-FRIENDLY laundry flakes: our detergent sheets are completely dissolvable and the packaging is plastic-free, Toxic free, no more laundry bottles, jugs and less only paper biodegradable. Made without harsh ingredients. Great for the earth.

POWERFUL CLEAN,SAFE INGREDIENTS AND NO DAMAGE TO CLOTHES – our MORE detergent sheets Uses enzymes found in nature to lift dirt, odors and tough stains, will clean just as great if not better than leading brand detergent. Neat Clothes give out a neat natural refresh to delight your feeling after cleaning.

HOT OR COLD WATER, ALL CLOTHES WORKABLE AND SUITABLE: matter adult or kids, infant or baby, whatever materials they are, woolen, cotton, silk or fabric, polyester, or chemical fiber, all can handle freely, it is really kind of all in one laundry detergent supply, you can keep it in a dry detergent box.” (Info from Amazon.com)

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