Opportunity to Improve

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Sometimes extra pain is part of an experience that brings a ton of joy. Each time my husband and I make a trip I know that I’ll pay for it. But, to see our children and grandchildren it is worth it. Although we know it’s worth it to visit loved ones, we are too ill and old to continue this.


I’ve tried to convince my husband that we should fly instead of drive. I’m hoping that the trip this past week will convince him of the danger involved in driving. Every mode of travel can be dangerous, but when both have chronic illnesses and are older, the danger is multiplied.

We drove home during the start of a snow storm. The weather was just going to get worse and worse, so we decided that it was best to leave early. The roads were pretty good until the last two hours. One city had not cleaned the roads or prepared them with salt or sand. We saw 5 cars in one ditch alone!

We passed many more wrecks and semis being pulled out of ditches and we slowed down and got through that city. On our way home, hubby went a back way instead of the main road. We got about two blocks from our home and he hit a patch of icy, packed snow. He started sliding and then the car was jerking and trying to spin. Hubby fought hard and finally got the car to stop. Thankfully, there was no traffic in the other lane.

After arriving at home and feeling very shaky after the near-wreck, we just collapsed on the couch with our luggage all over the floor. Today was the beginning of trying to get things in order. Our son helped with laundry and dishes, while I worked on organizing all the Christmas wrappings, bows, tags, etc…

It was a great relief to see the wrapping containers actually organized. I discovered so many items that are usually purchased again because I forgot that I already had them. I even found 3 bags of balloons! I haven’t seen them since they were purchased. That was a pleasant discovery.

This was a project that I never thought I could complete, so I never even tried it. Since I’ve cut way back on computer and phone browsing, I definitely have more time to plod through a project, ever so slowly. Letting three blogs “rest” will surely allow me more time to write here and attempt fun and/or needed projects/hobbies.

In this new year, with a set of new goals, I know that it won’t be easy. Closing my laptop or setting down my phone is not going to be easy. They have been my friends this last decade and I’ve found myself picking up my phone and starting to scroll, even though I’m also watching a movie.

woman texting

Looking out the window and taking in the beauty of our snow-covered yard and trees, is a much better thing to do while drinking my coffee than watching YouTube videos or sending ads for all the blogs. Being fully-committed to numerous blogs is fine as long as my desire and need is there. Recently, that desire has gone away. My desire may return and then I might return to the multi-blog commitment.

All is certainly not fun and games, because all my illnesses are still here. There will still be too many doctor’s appointments, flare days/weeks, and all the symptoms that I continue to live with. I will still need to pace myself, try to eat healthier, lose weight, and spend more focused time on living healthier.

I don’t necessarily expect to become more healthy, but at least I’ll feel more present. It’s better to look people in the eye when they speak to me. I didn’t mean to fall into the ‘stare into the screen’ crowd, but I did. Living in the moment and building relationships is much better for me. Even if I discover that the doctor has found another disease in my body, I hope to be able to focus on one thing at a time.

Then, I can take one day at a time. I can take one appointment at a time and think about medical choices. More time can be spent in Bible study and prayer. This can help me become the person God intended me to be.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

4 thoughts on “Opportunity to Improve”

  1. Just a though What about hiring somebody to go with you on the trip. They can do the driving, misc things that need to be done. And they could stay in a hotel while you are with family.

    1. That is a great idea! Right now we are driving a subcompact and don’t have room for another person. We plan to get a bigger car soon and might try this. Thanks.

  2. I have thought about fasting. It is supposed to be good for you to cleanse out your body now and then. As a matter of fact, It is mentioned in the Bible a few times! Jesus fasted to hear and pray to His Father. Thanks for sharing that information.

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