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    Coping With Chronic Pain As We Age

    As Chronic Illness patients get older, do they have an increase in pain levels? This question is important and the answers aren’t easy to find. But, whether or not the elderly feel pain more, less, or the same as younger patients, they still need ways to cope. What Research Tells Us Studies have shown a variety of results and more research studies definitely need to focus on this problem. The National Institutes of Health have provided this information in a study: “Importantly, the prevalence of many common pain problems in humans tend to peak in mid-life and the majority of patients referred to pain clinics are between 40–60 years of…

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    Chronic Pain Challenges

    Because of my low kidney function, I have needed to stop taking Advil for the pain and inflammation. During my last awful flare, I felt that I had no choice but to take Advil. There was no sleep, otherwise. So, the last three days has been very rough. Switching to Tylenol makes a drastic change in my pain levels. Taking 2 Extra-Strength Tylenol for pain does almost nothing. I tried skipping a couple of doses to see if it was helping at all, and it was helping some. Now, I’m taking a dose along with extra muscle relaxer (I’m prescribed this) knocks the pain down enough to sleep through the…

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    2 New Free Health Seminars

    For those of you who like to learn in an in-depth way about health topics, I want to introduce you to two free upcoming online seminars. These seminars are free to watch online. You can watch them online when they are live or you can catch a replay of them during the encore weekend. After that time (if you want them), they can be purchased for you to keep and watch and study them at your convenience. There is NO obligation to make any purchase. But, the Free online streaming is really free! The first seminar is entitled: CBD Health Revolution. This seminar will discuss everything that you wanted to…

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    Starting Over In 2020

    The Chronic Illness Linky has a January new-beginnings theme. I love that! I’m glad to join A Chronic Voice again in this new year to share some thoughts about starting over that relate to all of us. Purging Purging seems to be the norm in the new year. January is the time when stores push organizational items. Since we’re packing up the Christmas decorations, we need storage boxes. While we’re at it, we often feel the new year is a great time to organize our lives. We buy planners, file boxes, and cute baskets of all sizes. I’m doing a little purging myself. Or, at least it’s on my new…

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    Dealing With December

    December is winding down and the Christmas festivities are over. I hope and pray that your Christmas was good and low-pain. My Christmas was lovely, but my pain became severe. By Christmas evening, I was experiencing very severe Sciatica pain. The horrible pain started in my spine and traveled all the way into my toes. It was as bad as it’s ever been. I lay on a heating pad and took too many Advil. I started my muscle relaxers at the upper level the doctor suggested. Hubby massaged my legs and that helped a little, but I’ve struggled with severe pain ever since. The pain was so bad that we…

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    Have A Truly Merry Christmas

    Welcome Christmas! I hope you and yours will have the merriest of Christmas’s this year! May you feel the love and peace of Christmas. And, I hope and pray that you have a day when your pain is under control. For me, the anticipation of Christmas is the biggest factor in my increase of pain. We stress and work hard to create an atmosphere of festivity. Then, we can finally let down and enjoy the day that’s arrived. As I’ve learned the hard way, it’s better to visualize the reality of the big day. Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful if I remember to be grateful for the reality of…