The Need to Move

I’ve always known how great it is to exercise. A child of the 60s-70s, playing outdoors and moving wasn’t considered “exercise”. We just had fun, but it did result in us getting hours of exercise every day. Whether we were running, climbing, or biking, moving was fun! During my adult years (20s-40s), my exercise routine […]

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Doing What Works

I’ve had so much drive to get some things done around my house. After trips with tons of dirty clothes, gifts that need a place, and just regular chores, my home is a wreck! In my mind, I imagine getting the entire house cleaned up in one day. Isn’t that how I used to do

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Thyroid Awareness Month

Thyroid diseases are more common than diabetes or heart disease. Because it’s so common, it’s important for us to be aware of the types of Thyroid disease and be screened for it. The thyroid hormone is produced by our thyroid glands and are used to control the cells and organs in your body. Take the

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Fighting Days

So many people with chronic illness call themselves fighters or warriors. I tend to steer clear of this, because I want to think of myself in different terms. But, days like today remind me that if I don’t fight, I don’t know what will happen. I knew today would be hard, because I was determined

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