Facing the New Year

When I welcome a new year, I have many thoughts and emotions.  There is always excitement, thinking about new beginnings.  Many times it’s easy to experience fear when I contemplate the future year and what might happen.  With chronic illnesses, there is always fear that my health will continue to worsen. Because I know that […]

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Grandmommy Goals

I have been given the perfect Christmas gift. I became a grandmother to the sweetest little boy and I’m truly in love. The beauty and pain of childbirth brings to mind how hard we work to have a baby and how much love it takes. Understanding what your child is going through makes me thoughtful

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December Pain

Ah, the business of the Christmas season!  After traveling back from my trip, my body is in meltdown mode.  I got home and was faced with the dirty house, Christmas boxes of decorations piled on the floor, and untold loads of laundry.  Does this sound like your situation? I was so fired up to get

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