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Tuesday was a day that I would like to forget. It was really rough in every way. I’m hoping that today I will be completely over it. I made one very dumb mistake that really turned the day into three days of being very sick.

I was scheduled to have a fasting glucose tolerance test in another city Tuesday morning. When I can’t eat breakfast, I usually feel horrible for the rest of the day. I survived the 2 hours of nausea and then we headed out to find me something to eat. I should have planned for the day and packed snacks and sandwiches.

My brain fog ( because of leaving early with no food or coffee) caused me to forget about bringing food. Well, you would think we could find a restaraunt or fast-food place. This hospital complex was huge and was surrounded by very expensive homes and country clubs. We drove around for 30 minutes and found nothing!

I was feeling more and more sick and my brain was failing me more and more. Now, I realize that the hospital probably had some type of cafe. Duh! But at the time, I couldn’t think. Then we had to drive to my husband’s eye appointment. I sat in the car with our dog while he went in.

When he came out, he had on the little black plastic glasses that you get when your eyes have been dilated. He told me that I would have to drive. Oh no! I was in no shape to drive. I was hangry and nauseated. We were in the middle of a big city, but at least I thought that we could find food at one of the exits.

brain fog

The GPS wasn’t set right and I couldn’t hear it, so hubby was telling me what to do. He wasn’t fast enough and I missed one of the exits. Then, another exit was the one I know we shouldn’t take because it would slow us down because of road construction. Hubby said to go right, so I took the exit. I never saw any food exits and there many miles of lane closures. It took us a long time to get home.

I was in a terrible mood and just wanted to eat. Then I remembered that I hadn’t packed my pills and had taken none of my pills for the day. I knew there was nothing to eat at home, so I drove through Sonic and got some garbage food. I got home and put my feet up.

By this time I was very shaky and starting itching. I knew this was a real reaction and quickly took 2 Benadryl. Because I had taken none of my Mast Cell Disorder medicine, my immune system had gone into a major fit. Every four hours I had to take 2 Benadryl, which affect me in a very strong way. By midnight, I felt like death. I knew part of that was the Benadryl side effects and also because I had missed all my pain medications and other pills.


I felt pretty scared all night because I just couldn’t get better. Maybe I should have gone to the ER, but they probably wouldn’t have known what to do. The next day I still felt bad. After I took my regular medicine doses by afternoon I started feeling like my normal. I was so relieved and so horrified to believe that I had been so stupid!

I guess I was still not back to normal with my reactions, because I still had to take Benadryl. My body couldn’t just handle all that insanity. So this morning at 4 AM I woke up with my stomach telling me that I was having a big allergic reaction. I was super sick for over an hour. I’m hoping that tonight will be better and there won’t be any more of this.

I always tell myself to plan ahead and make sure that I’m prepared when I leave the house. I did have my Epi-Pen, but that’s not enough. Because of this nightmare I hope that I’ll remember that skipping medications is not an option….it’s dangerous.

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