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Disclosure: Product was received for reviewing. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since I started eating meals from Personal Trainer Food. The delicious ready-to-eat meals have made my life so easy during this time. Because my pain has been so much worse lately, not having to cook has been helpful.


Because my chronic pain makes cooking difficult, Personal Trainer Food has made my ability to eat healthy diet meals a plan that is something even I can handle. Living with chronic illness and pain automatically means that I need more help. And, Personal Trainer Food provides tons of help.

When I received my Personal Trainer Food box, a brochure was enclosed. Inside this brochure was page after page of helpful information. Page one included a chart that described how to properly store all the food. The Fast Start program guidelines were also included.

Next, the guide gave a visual chart showing what to eat and when. Because there are three types of plans (REV, Core, and You Choose), there is a difference in the meal schedule. The snack choices and add-your-own guidelines complete the second page. The Make-your-own meal is good to have, because there might have been a morning when I just didn’t feel like eating eggs.

Descriptions are included that tell exactly how to prepare the food and alternative methods are provided. I used the alternative methods when I had enough time. But, the microwave preparation is the quickest. The special sauces are covered on page three, too. These help to add a little more flavor to the dishes.

6 Meals Selections

Personal Trainer Food likes to keep things simple. There is no need to weigh or measure the food, because it’s already been done. They recommend that I follow the PTF Way in order to reach diet success. The three steps are: eat the food, walk at least 20 minutes daily, and let the ease of PTF set a simple schedule.

When I stay on the program, I’m eating sugar-free. With time, the cravings for breads and sweets will stop and my appetite can get smaller. So, PTF recommends that I focus less on the scale and more on how I feel. When my clothes got looser, I definitely was motivated.

Having a Weight Loss Coach email, phone number, and online chat link made me encouraged when I would have a bad day and cheat on something I shouldn’t eat. With my online account I was able to find great recipes, watch videos, and find other resources.

Personal Trainer Food offers help in so many ways and all the ways helped me to lose six pounds. I’m thankful for their help in this success. I know that they are eager to help you reach your healthy diet goals.

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