Prayers For A Swift End To This Misery

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I stopped using Duloxetine and Wellbutrin for 8 and 4 days before my DaT Scan. Each day I felt worse until the day of the scan. I was very nervous and anxious, being more anxious because of the anti-anxiety medication withdrawal. I anticipated the injection of lolfupane l 123, which didn’t seem to affect me severely at the time.

As I walked from the waiting room into the testing room, I felt extremely light-headed and afraid. I felt very faint and was more than happy to lay on the DaT Scan table, but that didn’t stop the dizziness. The ceiling tiles felt like they were moving up and down and I was feeling like I might vomit.

I closed my eyes as the radiologist lined the machine up on the sides and front of my face. Even with my eyes closed there was so much nausea. I was determined to keep them closed because when I looked up the machine “plate” was just above my nose. I began praying and ”singing in my head” quite a few Christian praise songs.

I gradually adjusted to the test and kept the meditation going, and before long, the 26 minutes had passed. The radiologist helped me up from the flat-on-my-back position and I quickly started looking at the computer screen. I could easily see many brightly colored views of my brain.

After viewing many sample pictures of this type of brain scan, I was looking for similar shapes that should be lit. I couldn’t memorize the pictures as well as I thought, because I didn’t pick out one. I looked at all the shots on the screen and most looked normal, but I saw some that weren’t. I was so nervous about hearing my results.

When we left to go home I felt so upset and uptight. Before we arrived home from our short drive I checked MyChart and found that results had been posted. I quickly scanned the page of notes and saw that it said “Normal” and that made me stop reading.

My initial reaction was one of frustration. The wording was technical, although it stated that Parkinon’s Disease was not likely to be the cause of my tremors. The thing that immediately made me mad was that there wasn’t a diagnosis to replace the Parkinson’s diagnosis.

While my head had been inside the DaT Scan machine, I experienced over 10 myoclonus events. As I remembered back to what the neurologist had said, he was surely going to return to the initial diagnosis of Essential Tremor and Essential Myoclonus. I’m very thankful the diagnosis isn’t Parkinson’s Disease, but ET and EM are nothing to ignore.

From the little I understand, Essential Tremor can be progressive. I don’t know how bad it can get, but I’ve seen examples online of both of these disorders and they are very bad. Shaking and jerking look and feel terrible, whether they are Parkinson’s or some other movement disorder.

Last night I started back on my anti-anxiety medications, and had trouble eating anything. I had no appetite and everything tasted blah or off. I took many of my lunch meds and I didn’t at all feel better. I slept about three hours and woke again feeling worse than before.

I had severe nausea, but I knew from experience that the best thing to do is force myself to take my regular medications. It’s better to risk throwing up than to refuse trying. There wasn’t anything in the kitchen that didn’t make me feel horrible when I tasted it. Hubby volunteered to bring me some food and went to the grocery store.

The foods that I felt were a possibility were a little weird, but I just asked for things that seemed okay: marble sheet cake, frosted flakes, pop-tarts with no icing, and organic chicken broth. This a strange combination, but I am at least getting the pills down my throat.

Soon after eating the nausea seemed a bit better and that made me feel relieved. My meal/pill schedule is behind the clock, but hopefully will remain steady. I don’t EVER want to take that test again. I don’t even want to read about long-term effects of the nuclear medicine.

Monday is my scheduled Stress Test that also includes a radioactive injection. This second test uses a different drug, but I know that my body is not ready for another nuclear test. I had Hubby call and cancel the test. I’ll talk to the doctor sometime next week about rescheduling. I really hope that there is an alternative process to check into.

At home, I was truly shocked at how emotional I had become. I felt anger, frustration, depression, and sadness. I even cried! The tears really surprised me. I never cry (because I have so few tears with Sjogren’s) but felt like all the emotions just had to come out. I hoped that this release would help me sleep, but I was wrong.

Hubby was very concerned and we prayed together, thanking God for answering our prayers. I’m glad that he was supportive and reminded me about the great answer to prayer. I was physically so sick and negative, that I had a difficult time focusing. Through the night, I tossed and turned and slept very little. I couldn’t eat, but sipped some lemon/lime soda and tried a few saltine crackers.

I certainly hope and pray that this particular testing adventure will come to a swift end. As the day passes, I’ll just stay in my pajamas and try to let my body rest and nap. I’ll keep praying that we all can get a break from the illness that is overwhelming. God Bless.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert. This post contains my experiences and opinions and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. If you have a medical concern, please consult your personal physician.

3 thoughts on “Prayers For A Swift End To This Misery”

  1. Im really sorry to read that your tests haven’t revealed any answers. I can only imagine how frustrating this must all be.

    Keeping you in my thoughts for a solution/result to come to light soon.

    1. Thank you. It’s tiring to take all these tests, because some of them require me to take a drug before. If we can survive all the bills (before my deductible is met) we’ll be hanging in there! Tests seem to come in clusters!!

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