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Chronic Illness You’ll find posts covering many different chronic illnesses plus my personal chronic illness journey. Awareness & Advocacy I share Awareness Days and Months to help share awareness of visible and invisible chronic illnesses. Product Reviews When new products are introduced to me, I’ll share my reviews with you. We all need better treatments

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He Watches Me

Today is World Sparrow Day. This day is celebrated to bring awareness to sparrows and their declining population. It’s meant to promote conservation of bird habitats. The sparrow is a tiny bird. You may wonder why I’m posting about sparrows on a chronic illness blog. If you go to church, you may understand. The song,

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Sharing my journey with chronic illnesses and how I struggle to be content.  With knowledge, encouragement, support, and faith, it’s a daily battle. Sharing awareness of many different chronic illnesses, awareness days, and other advocacy events. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest Previous Next

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