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Still Itching on Monday

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We postponed our trip, because the rash was so much like my last case of Shingles. It was much milder but followed the path from my mid-back to my right side and then a few spots in front. I hope we can make the trip in a few more days. I’m getting much better.

I still need Benadryl every 4 hours for the rest of my bodies itching, too. Some nights I will sleep all night, but usually only get about 4-5 hours before I wake up scratching myself….fun times! We did have a pleasant weekend. I really liked the fall breezes, the colored leaves, and the pumpkin-scented candles.

Those things put me in a great mood. Then, adding an entire weekend of football made it a blast. I didn’t feel well enough for church, but joined a couple of online services and read a beautiful book. It was called My Jesus. I just reviewed it and am giving away a copy on my other blog. I recommend it highly. It is a Christian book, but deals with the author’s grief when her beloved older brother died.

Are you a pumpkin-spice person? I don’t like it in my coffee, but to each their own. I wish I felt like baking. I used to love baking and it was always a great stress reliever for me. Trying new recipes was so much fun and my family loved to be my taste-testers. I hope to make a loaf of pumpkin bread soon.

I recently ordered the extensions to my Body Braid. I wore the entire contraption one day for a few hours. By then, I felt the need to take it off. I think because my Scoliosis is so bad and my Dowager Hump has grown a lot, this was a lot for my body to deal with. I plan to try to wear it every day and add a little more time to my schedule until I don’t notice it so much.

I think its the only way that I’m going to able to be up and about in my home. I don’t know about wearing it in public. Maybe in winter with snow gear on? lol.

Since I know I’m not going to every be strong and healthy again, that doesn’t mean I can’t use the tools to help myself be more mobile or be able to bend with less pain. I’ll let you know how this BodyBraid works overall to help me get around.

I still have a real problem with pride about going to town and riding in a wheelchair or this bodybraid. Even though I’m 60, nobody is going even look twice if I’m in a wheelchair. If I walk around in the BodyBraid, there will probably plenty of stares, so I won’t wear that in town. And, I can always try to laugh at myself in this stretchy monstrosity!

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  1. Joanne

    So sorry to hear you had to postpone your trip! I don’t drink coffee but even if I did I’m pretty sure pumpkin spice is not a flavor I’d want in it. I really only like pumpkin spice in baked goods.

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