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Test Results: Facing Facts

never give up

My blood work came back. When I went to the doctor, she laid it out for me. It was a thorough lesson in why I feel like crap. In fact, those were her exact words: no wonder you feel like crap.


As she went down the list, I felt more and more depressed. My blood work did show that I had a good reason to feel horrible. Here’s how it went:

  • Cholesterol – My good cholesterol was very low, my bad cholesterol was very high. The type of sticky cholesterol was very high and with all the numbers being what they were, she said I had a 16x greater risk of having a heart attack.
  • Thyroid – My numbers were still barely in the normal range and had increased 1/2 since my February blood work results came in.
  • Vit D – My numbers were low, and she thought that it was probably due to my forgetting to take it the last 2-3 weeks.
  • B12 – My numbers were extremely low. I will add B12 in my diet and re-test in 3 months. At that time, if it’s still low, she’ll start injections.
  • White Blood Count – Low numbers….ugh
  • Creatinine – High numbers
  • eGFR – These numbers were low again, in the stage 3 range. I’ve been taking a lot of Advil for pain and so, I’m now not allowed to take any more. My kidneys aren’t going to make it if I don’t change.
  • Blood Sugar – I’m pre-diabetic.

So, no good news for me. I didn’t want to face this, but that’s how it is. The facts speak loud and clear. Doc says that I’m a sugar addict and it has to go. She explained that sugar has been my choice for boosting my serotonin. That is the honest truth, but I didn’t realize it.

Yesterday was my first day on this new diet. No sugar, at. all. It was very hard. I’m also cutting out sugar substitutes, gradually. I had just a little bit of splenda and will be breaking myself of it.

never give up

I’m adding a full serving each day of Nutritional Yeast, which provides a full day’s supply of B12. It tastes pretty good on meat and vegetables. I’ve added my Vit D back into my pill boxes. And, of course, increasing my water intake.

I can also tell you that Tylenol is so pitiful as a pain reliever! You probably already knew that. My face and gums are throbbing from a dental procedure this week and the Tylenol just doesn’t give much relief. It also doesn’t help Sciatica. I’m using heat and ice to try and deal with the pain.

I’m praying that my B12 will improve with diet and that soon the sugar cravings will stop. Whatever I want to eat, I know that changes have to be made. The diet I’m being put on is basically like the Mediterranean Diet.

When you have to eat organic-only meats and broths, this diet can get very expensive. I hope that I can be compliant and that good results will finally come to me.

@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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Matters of My Heart

As my list of chronic illnesses has gotten longer and longer, there are times when the worry and stress is overwhelming. The shock of having Coronary Artery Disease is still new. As my pill box has grown, I hesitate to list all my diseases and conditions. My real hope and goal is to live in contentment, despite an unforeseen future.
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While I’m waiting to see if I’ll need a stent in my heart, each palpitation and episode of breathlessness makes me a nervous wreck. So, the next few days is being spent resting. Thankfully, my family is very understanding. My husband has just taken over and is offering love and kindness (as well as cleaning the kitchen).
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Whatever the CT scan shows, at least it will be over soon. There’s nothing worse than not knowing the true problem with my health. I’m passing the time with lots of British documentaries and series on Prime Videos. And, Archie cuddles next to me every minute of the day….what a sweet and quiet companion.
Thankfully, none of my new medications are causing side effects. Because my other medications all gave me side effects to adjust to, this is a real blessing! I’ve turned to my new diet, and it will need to be my diet forever. Eating a vegan, gluten-free, oil-free diet is challenging. But, cutting out the added salt is the worst part of it. I love salt!
Having this new health challenge brings with it more frustration. When my health takes a front-seat, my family’s needs often take a back-seat. I was needed by my child to help with her baby for a short time. The trip is on hold in a time when I’m needed. The trip my other child needed to take could also be cancelled if I need a stent put in next week.
Chronic illness often brings me feelings of guilt because of all the things I mess up. Life in my family has certainly been altered because of all my illnesses. They say that they don’t mind and love me, and I believe that they mean it. It’s all so humbling.
God is good to me, despite all my misery, and I hope to give Him glory in my life. I really don’t know how how I can, but I trust God with my life.
Psalm 62:8 “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”
@2019, copyright Lisa Ehrman
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Each Beat of my Heart

When you have medical tests, one of the hardest things to do is wait for the results. After my Nuclear Stress Test on Tuesday, I was very concerned about the results. But, the phone call came quickly on Wednesday morning.
test alt text
I wasn’t called by the nurse, but by the cardiologist herself. She didn’t offer me any quick assurances, but gradually began explaining why my test results showed an abnormality. She explained how I had Left Bundle Branch Block, or LBBB. This cardiac condition means that the activation of the left ventricle of the heart is delayed, which causes the left ventricle to contract later than the right ventricle.
According to the pictures of the heart, there is a place that needs further investigation. My options are to have a CAT scan to look at the arteries. If there is a blockage, a stent will then need to be placed there. Or, I can just go ahead with a catheterization, and if a blockage is found they can fix it right then. Now, I’m waiting on the doctor to call with an appointment.
She and I discussed my up-coming trip, and she was very concerned about me having a hospital that could take care of any problems that might arise. I’m not sure if I”ll be taking that trip or not. I am anxiously awaiting her phone call. And, also waiting the results of my blood test for a low white blood count re-test.
Needless to say, I’m worried. At least I know that something will be done soon. My treatment now is: baby aspirin, statins, and beta blocker medications. I’m praying that this will help my body and that the artery will be checked soon.
Ps 56:3 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.”
@2019 copyright, Lisa Ehrman