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    2 New Free Health Seminars

    For those of you who like to learn in an in-depth way about health topics, I want to introduce you to two free upcoming online seminars. These seminars are free to watch online. You can watch them online when they are live or you can catch a replay of them during the encore weekend. After that time (if you want them), they can be purchased for you to keep and watch and study them at your convenience. There is NO obligation to make any purchase. But, the Free online streaming is really free! The first seminar is entitled: CBD Health Revolution. This seminar will discuss everything that you wanted to…

  • Mitochondrial Summit
    Chronic Illness,  Health

    How To Understand Mitochondrial Health

    When did you last check your mitochondrial health? Dr. Jay Davidson’s wife, Heather, struggled with severe and chronic health issues her entire life: sinus scraping, multiple ablations on her heart, going into a coma and struggling with Lyme disease, parasites and heavy metals… They spent a number of their years with different doctors and specialists, looking for the right person to tell them why she was so fatigued, having heart palpitations, couldn’t sleep and never had any energy. Each doctor told them something a little different Then they’d try a new protocol. Sometimes, a little bit of progress… …maybe just enough to function for a few hours a day or…