Tests Then Rest

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This has been quite the week! Hubby and I went to the city for two big tests. He had his colonoscopy Wednesday and I had my EMG on Thursday. We spent the night Wednesday night, because we both knew he wasn’t allowed to drive and I am on so much Benadryl that I shouldn’t drive either.


Although he was very nervous, his test was very simple. Polyps were removed and we’ll find out if they’re benign in a little bit. The doctor thought that two of them might be pre-cancerous. Hubby was glad that he felt great after it was over.

I dreaded my test because I had this done in 2017 and it was very painful. My doctor assured me that it wouldn’t be as bad as I remembered. I hoped he was right. And, it wasn’t as bad. He did many fewer needle jabs, combined with muscle squeezes. The doctor said that my large muscle neuropoathy was fine, but didn’t test for the small fiber neuropathy.

He told me that the test for small fiber neuropathy would include a skin biopsy, which he didn’t think was neccessary. The neurologist in 2017 told me that I had small fiber neuropathy and that I should take Gabapentin. I know that he’s right, because when I try to lower my dose I’m quickly suffering with neuropathy misery.

I really despise having to switch doctors. That’s probably the worst thing about moving! When you finally find a doctor that you trust who is helping you, and then you or he moves away. Ugh! Oh well. I connected my 2017 tests to the online My Chart so that this doctor can compare them. I really don’t think that he’ll want to bother.

blanket and tea

When I asked him about going over all the blood work he had done, he said that he didn’t have time at this appointment, but that we would go over it at our next appointment (in November!!!). Ah, yes……another doctor who really cares. 6 months from blood work until they are even looked at. Who knows what the blood work will be when November comes.

Medicine is a practice and a lot of people aren’t doing a very good job. There’s a balance of us (the patient) advocating for ourselves and just hanging loose and trusting whatever the doctor says. But when you realize that with every doctor you get a totally different opinion, it leaves you more than a little bit confused.

When I get overwhelmed I start to get frustrated and angry. Then I have to stop and pray. I know that only God can make anything better. If He doesn’t make me better, then I’ll do my best to be content.

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