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I’m so thankful that the new prednisone pack has knocked out my cycle of allergic reactions. It’s so nice to not be groggy all the time. I’m backing off and should be done with it in two days. I need to be clear of it before my next blood test.

The endocrinologist has an order in for me to have a blood test to see how my body deals with cortisol. I’m not so sure what date I should go. I’ll need to check with the doctor’s office to see how long I should be off of prednisone before I take this test.

I still haven’t felt like I recovered from the trip, and it’s pretty sad that it takes so long to feel rested. Hubby and I drove 1000 miles in two days, and stayed overnight in a hotel. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out of the car often enough to walk around and stretch our legs. I think that’s made it harder for my back to feel back to it’s normal level of pain.

Also, trips are just tough. It’s harder to get good sleep and I always have more anxiety when I’m at someone else’s home…..even if it’s with family. Ever since I got home, I’ve rested more but I really think that I need more self-care.

I’ve been making lists of things to do that help me to relax. They’re all good things, but they don’t help if I don’t actually do them. I’m afraid that my blogging is taking all of my time.

I have three blogs and my book review blog has really taken off. Sometimes I don’t guard my time like I should. I sign up for tons of book reviews and then they all seem to pile up on me at once. I was up until 2:30 this morning reading books that had to be reviewed by morning.

woman yawns

I drank tons of coffee and ate junk to stay awake. So, today I feel like a pile of garbage. It’s really dumb when we do these things to ourselves. But, maybe you aren’t as crazy as I am. Pacing continues to be my biggest weakness. After all these years, I haven’t learned my lesson.

Trying to handle life with chronic illness is so hard. As I’ve been watching the poor Ukrainian people escape their homes, I think about how horrifying it would be to be there. The people there that have chronic illnesses are suffering so much. I wonder how many can’t get their medications and it breaks my heart. I will pray for them all.

Although I feel horrible today, I’m safe in my warm house. My comfy recliner is a great place to relax and listen to music or a television show. I have plenty of food to eat and all my medications are available to me. I have many, many blessings.

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  1. Hope you had a restful day and are feeling better!

  2. Praying you feel better soon.

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