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A cold and snowy weekend fired up my joints. I was very tense about the playoff games. As a big football fan, I look forward to all the season. The playoffs and SuperBowl are so exciting and I get very hyped up. It’s harder to do that when my favorite teams get knocked out.

morning pain

We had our first snow of the season and it wasn’t much to look at. I did enjoy how pretty it was, falling to the earth. Snows bring back many memories of when my children were young. They enjoyed each big snow, because we didn’t get huge snow coverings very often.

I made a decision this weekend to stop consuming sugar. I know this isn’t something I can probably do cold-turkey. Every week I’ll give up 2 things that have sugar. I started with granola bars and donuts. Next week I’ll give up 2 more things. I think easing into this can help me to make this a lifestyle instead of a diet deprivation.

When I’ve tried cold-turkey diets, I always have failed at some point. Yes, I imagine I am a sugar addict. I crave it at certain times of every day. I listened to part of the Quitting Sugar Summit online, and want to read more posts and books to help me take this seriously and create a healthier diet.

Thankfully, there are many more sugar-free recipes than in the past. And, if I really need a snack, there are also many sugar-free cookies or candies in the grocery store. But, I’ll need to read labels, because I don’t want to consume aspartame.

What’s your favorite sugar-free snack? Have you stopped consuming sugar or at one time did you try? How hard was it for you? Share your favorite tips…I would love to see them.

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  1. Best of luck shedding sugar from your diet. I’ve tried a few times and while I have cut waaay back I just can’t seem to eliminate it completely. I do notice I start to crave it though when I do indulge and have to consciously cut it from diet for a few days or week just to stop the cravings.

    1. If I get as far as you, I’ll be proud of myself. I know it really is a hard thing to try, but I really need to try.

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