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Today is the 5th day of a bad cold and I seem to feel like I’m getting better. I’ve missed two of my phototherapy appointments, but should be able to go tomorrow. Although I don’t like going, I’m thankful that this treatment is there for me and pray that it will work well.

Last night my sweet little dog started shaking and lying very still. He didn’t want to jump on the couch or recliner with me. He didn’t want to eat and drink. It was so sudden! We all tried to think if we had dropped a pill during the day. I was really afraid that he could have been poisoned.

He hadn’t been hurt and there were no wounds or anything. I spent most of the night just keeping my hand on his back. A very gentle touch seemed to help him sleep. This morning we called the vet and they scheduled to see him in the afternoon. Watching him shake and not move much was so upsetting. I couldn’t stand seeing him that way.

The vet checked him thoroughly and when she started turning his neck she found the problem. He cried when she turned his neck. She said he had disc disease and that it might end up being chronic. So, guess what pills he was prescribed?

He got a diagnosis and prescriptions for the same thing that I have: Prednisone and Gabapentin. I couldn’t wait to get it in him so that he could get some relief. I got to put pills in peanut butter and cheese and now he seems to be more relaxed.

The doctor said that he would have the same side effects that I have: he would be sleepy and get fat. I’m trying to laugh about it because it’s a universal problem. I hope that he does get a lot of sleep and stays out of pain. We also have to keep him from jumping and climbing for about a month.

I don’t jump or climb either.

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