Unique Emerald Jewelry

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With the reign of sapphire jewelry beginning to wane, emerald jewelry is on the rise in the fashion world. If you’re a fashionable person looking for ways to stand out among the crowd, consider some of these tips to help you find more unique emerald jewelry.

Nobody likes to blend in completely, and you might find that these pointers lead you to more unique designs overall that best represent your personality and style. With that said, let’s dive right in and learn more about how to find unique emerald jewelry.


When referencing the cut of a gemstone, we are – as you might expect – talking about shape. The cut of an emerald determines what shape it is, but this can also affect how the stone itself looks internally. For example, a round cut emerald will have facets internally that look entirely different to the ordered aesthetic of a princess cut stone. So, let’s talk about some more unique cuts for emeralds that will lead you to more unique emerald jewelry.

Perhaps the most unique gemstone cut is the cabochon cut. What sets this apart from other cuts is that it creates a completely smooth surface for the gemstone. As you might expect, this completely transforms the overall appearance of the stone, often leaving it with something of a marbled effect. If you want your emerald jewelry to be unique, consider something with a cabochon cut for maximum effect.

A slightly different angle to explore when it comes to unique cuts is the marquise cut. Although this is more common than the cabochon cut, it is nonetheless a unique cut for an emerald, and the effect is every bit as dazzling. For anyone not in the know, the marquise cut is a kite-shape, with tapering ends and its widest point at the center. This cut is best utilized in vintage emerald rings as its shape is quite domineering for another type of jewelry.

Setting Style

The setting of your gemstones is essential when you’re going for the unique emerald jewelry look. The setting is the term used to describe how the gemstones are held in place. One of the most common settings is the claw setting, where several small pieces of metal act as literal claws that hold the gemstone firmly in place. One of the rarer settings is the elevated claw setting. This setting sees the gemstone set quite high, above the rest of the piece, and the claws hold it tight. Using the elevated claw setting really shows off the gemstone, and it certainly makes for unique emerald jewelry.

Another example of a unique setting style is the collet or bezel setting. These are two names for a setting that is essentially the exact opposite of the elevated claw setting. With the collet setting, the emerald is held along its entire edge by solid metal, rather than clutched in individual claws. Also, the stone itself only has the top portion exposed, with the majority of the stone held in the setting itself. This setting has the drawback of not allowing as much light into the gemstone as other settings. Light entering the gemstone allows its color to appear more vibrant, as the light bounces around the facets of the stone. The benefit of the collet setting, however, is that the stone is held incredibly securely, making it highly unlikely to be damaged or lost.

Jewelry Type

One last way to establish more unique emerald jewelry is the jewelry type itself. Emeralds are a very popular gemstone, and so they’re featured in all sorts of jewelry. But there are ways to get more unique pieces of jewelry that utilize emerald gemstones. If you’re going for a necklace, consider a choker, since emeralds are used less commonly in choker-style necklaces. Another type of unique necklace that sometimes features emeralds is a pearl necklace. Pearls are back in a big way at the minute, and multiple pearl strands together with an emerald clasp are one way of bringing antique and vintage jewelry to the forefront of your fashion.

Another unique jewelry type is the eternity ring. Eternity rings feature a row of gemstones either around the full circumference of the ring, or half way around the ring. Sometimes there is a single row of gemstones, and other times there are multiple rows of gemstones. Most eternity rings are made with diamonds, so finding an emerald eternity ring is a rarer find. Typically, eternity rings are reserved for wedding anniversaries, but more recently they’ve been used as celebrations for any kind of special occasion, or even as self-given gifts.

One last unique type of jewelry for emeralds is the charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are another 90s/00s relic that are once again at the height of fashion and style, but rarely feature emeralds. An emerald charm on a charm bracelet is one way to really class up what is typically considered to be ‘childish’ jewelry. Make your bracelet your own with a stunning emerald charm, whether it’s part of a design or simply the gemstone on its own.

Use these tips to get yourself some unique emerald jewelry, and ensure that you put your own style into your accessories. The ‘20s are the time of free-spirited fashion, so make sure you go your own way this decade.

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