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My blogging life is a lot like my chronic illness life. I’m without a computer since my motherboard died last week. I shipped it to Dell for repairs and they informed me that the parts won’t arrive until the 29h so……. I’m blogging on my phone and that is really bad!

I’m still staying with my mom who has Dementia. My mental health is not good for so many reasons. Living in this dysfunctional home filled with drama and large expectations is wearing me completely out.

I’m constantly trying to do calming breaths and praying so much to try and get more relaxed. I think I’m undergoing laptop withdrawal! I’m not able to get everything posted on time and get locked out of my accounts. But don’t even get me started on my parents horrible WiFi and cable.

My stomach is in knots from stress so I look forward to leaving the house for an hour or two today. Sometimes when I am physically feeling stress levels rise I have to get away from people to re-set my mind and emotions. I hope it will help because my chest feels tight. I’ve scheduled a massage for next week. Doing a little exercise is next on my list. I know this is a venting post, but it can often help to get my emotions out there. Does venting help you? What is your most helpful way to relieve stress?

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