Week 1

Week 1 Of Personal Trainer Food

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It’s been a delicious first week on the Personal Trainer Food diet. When I opened the huge box of ready-to-eat meals I was so excited. My box was given to me for review and I was so blessed to receive a two-week meal plan. This is called the Core plan. It includes two-weeks of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

What I Ate In Week 1

I was allowed to select all of the meals from a huge list of choices. The breakfast choices include many egg varieties, including omelettes and frittatas. Each egg comes with choices, including: country ham, sausage, or bacon. The lunches consist of a meat choice + a vegetable choice. And, dinner meals include: a meat and two vegetables.

Personal Trainer Food Meal

The meats are truly scrumptious and here are some of the choices: grilled chicken breast, wild alaskan salmon, cheddar meatballs, and many new items. My favorites are the chicken and salmon. The vegetables include: green beans, tons of blend choices, broccoli, and so many more.

All of the vegetables are crisp and fresh tasting. Every single thing I’ve eaten this week was delicious. These individual portion-sized packages are marked with the microwave cooking time. All that I have to do is to cook them in the microwave for the time marked.

The food is already pre-cooked, but goes into the microwave to heat it up. Each meal has been very filling, too. It’s very hard to stay on a diet if your stomach is growling. My tummy has been very satisfied. For those who like to have snacks, Personal Trainer Food has snacks available as Add-ons to the program purchase.

Personal Trainer Foods Breakfast

Some of the snack choices are: shakes, meat sticks, nuts, seeds, and cheese. So, with all the snacks even an extra hungry dieter will be full. The meals are healthy. There are no fillers, gravies, sauces, and sweeteners. The vegetables are just fresh vegetables and the meats are just a lovely cut of meat.

How Did I Do On The Diet

I’ve lost three pounds so far with the Personal Trainer Food diet. One thing that has helped me on my diet journey is that I signed up for the email. The emails come every few days and have great tips and encouragement. If you want to win the diet journey, you’ll want all the encouragement and extra help.

The overall program has a 4-week plan that you can follow for the best results. In the first week, they suggest that we start with a 24-48 hour fast. I wasn’t able to do the fast, because I take so many prescription drugs. It’s also suggested that you walk 2,000 steps each day. I walked less than that, but also rode my stationary bike for 5 minutes each day.

How To Get Your Own Personal Trainer Food

I’m very happy with the Personal Trainer Food. I will check in with you again next Saturday to give you an update on my progress and how I liked the food. If you are interested in trying the Personal Trainer Food for yourself, I’m hosting a Giveaway.

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Good Luck and Share it with your Health-Minded friends, too!

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