Weight Loss Struggles

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I started a diet. Wow, how many times have we all said that. Maybe you are thin and don’t need a diet, but I know many of us do. My diets usually last one day, two at the most. I blame my illnesses for the difficulty in losing weight.

WeightLoss Struggles

Before I got sick, I worked out and watched my weight. I was a few pounds overweight then, but was still at a good BMI. Once I started taking all the prescription drugs to help me deal with the various symptoms, the weight started to creep on.

During the last year, the weight was coming on very fast. I was gaining weight every week, and soon became 60 pounds heavier. It was hard to cut back on my eating, although I didn’t overeat. My husband always commented that I didn’t eat that much. But, taking close to 20 pills a day made it hard to diet.

Every time I take medicine, there has to be food in my stomach. If I don’t eat with my pills, the nausea is terrible. So, my dieting has been a disaster. And, on top of that, I’m too sick to exercise. The arthritis in my feet prohibits me from walking.

My new diet is basically counting calories and exercise. Rather than just a starvation diet, this diet has a plan for a “maintenance day”. It’s different from a “cheat day”, because it has limits. I’m to eat the amount of calories that I should eat when I’m trying to maintain my ideal weight.

This should help me feel un-deprived and prepare me for regular eating when the diet is over. I like this difference. I made it through the first day successfully and hope to keep it up.

I’ll be focusing on body measurements and not just watching the scale. Either way, I need to lose a lot of weight for my health and appearance. I hope I can keep it up and share my progress with you. Do you struggle with your weight? It’s so hard, especially for those of us post-menopausal ladies.

I would love to hear your experiences: successes or failures. How do you try to keep or get to a healthy weight?

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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional, but this post is only my opinions. If you have a medical problem, please consult your personal physician.

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  1. I’m the opposite, I have trouble maintaining a healthy weight since I keep losing a lot of serious weight.. like around 20 lb in a few months non intentionally. Hope we both meet our goals.

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